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I feel so free!!!!! I’m a new person, a better, stronger person. :]

I cannot even create with words to the extent of how free I feel.

At this time in my life, my soul radiates with love and forgiveness.

And new, better, greater feelings are near to come.

Because I am my true self.

No hiding;]

The skies of fire burn so bright

and we rejoice in Your love

whom brings the light

into our hearts it’s already embedded

Your love is awesome, your power is Might

yet some of us seek power elsewhere

like it might be hidden or simply around the corner

but children of God know better we have the care

in our hearts because you died for us and yet it still scares

but fear is simply a task that already has hold of us,

and peace awaits in Your love

and sin we must minus

to get to you, oh Lord

we give you ourselves.

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